Can I transfer my clash Royale account from Android to Iphone?

Launch Clash Royale on the device you want to transfer your account from and ensure you are logged in with your account’s Google (Android) or Game Center ID (iOS). … Link to iPhone (if it’s an iOS device) or Link To Android (if the device is running Android) I want to link to another device.

How do I transfer my clash Royale account to another device?

To continue, open Clash Royale on the new device, on which you want to link the game to and transfer all your progress. Open the game’s Settings, select ‘Link Device’ and then ‘This is the new device’.

Can I transfer my Google Play account to iPhone?

The Google Account data you choose will sync with your iPhone or iPad. To see your content, open the corresponding app. You can change which content from your Google Account syncs with the Apple apps on your device. … On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.

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Can you transfer game progress from Android to iPhone?

Set up your iPhone until reaching the “Apps & Data” screen. Choose “Move Data from Android”. On your Android phone, go to “Google Play Store”, download and install the Move to iOS app. Tap on “Continue” on both your Android and iPhone.

How do I get my clash Royale account back on my iPhone?

Recover account lost

  1. Start a new Clash Royale account and go through the tutorial.
  2. On the home screen, go on settings.
  3. On settings, go in help and support.
  4. Go on lost account.
  5. Read through that and follow the steps on there.

Can you have one clash Royale account on two devices?

You can play more than 1 Clash Royale account on any device, now matter it is Android or iOS. Android using Google ID to manage Clash Royale accounts.

Can I get my old clash Royale account back?

How to recover lost Clash Royale Account. Step 1: Open Clash Royale, go to the menu Settings then choose Help and Support. Step 2: In the menu Help and Support, tap on the Contact Us button on the top-right screen.

Is switching from Android to iPhone worth it?

Android phones are less secure than iPhones. They are also less sleek in design than iPhones and have a lower quality display. Whether it is worth switching from Android to iPhone is a function of personal interest. The various features have been compared between the two of them.

How do I transfer data from Android to iPhone for free?

If you are ready, follow to learn how to transfer data from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS.

  1. When you see the Apps & Data screen during the iPhone set up process, choose “Move Data from Android”.
  2. On your Android device, open the Move to iOS app and tap “Continue”.
  3. Tap “Agree” after you read the terms and conditions.
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Can I transfer purchased apps from Android to iPhone?

Unfortunately you cannot transfer purchases from android to iPhone, so you’ll have to buy them again. It is not possible to transfer your purchases from iTunes/App Store (iPhone) to Google Play (Android). … That is not possible, as it’s two different operation system and App Store.

How do I transfer my fallout shelter from Android to iOS?

Launch Fallout Shelter on your Android or iOS device. Navigate to the Vault List from the main menu. Select the Cloud checkbox that corresponds to the save slot the vault was originally saved from. If a vault save file exists, you will receive a message prompt stating that there is a save conflict.

How can I transfer pictures from Android to iPhone?

How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone without Computer

  1. Install Google Photos App on your Android. …
  2. Launch Settings in the Google Photos App on Your Device. …
  3. Access the Backup & sync Settings in the App. …
  4. Turn on Back up & sync in Google Photos for Your Device. …
  5. Wait for Android Photos to Upload. …
  6. Open Google Photos on your iPhone.

How do I transfer my Archero from Android to iOS?

Method: Make sure you have logged into your Game Center (iOS) or Play Games (Android) account on your old device. Log into the same Game Center (iOS) or Play Games (Android) account on a new device, and download the game. When you run the game, it will detect your account and retrieve the save data.

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How do I reset my clash Royale account?

The best thing is to reset is Firstly Disconnect your account if it is connected to Supercell or Google Play games. Then what you have to do is go to settings in your Apps in mobile settings then tap on clear data then restart game and your account will start from Training Camp.

How do I transfer my clash Royale email to another account?

Go to Sign in – Google Accounts then sign in to your account then go to apps . then remove clash royale from that account . then go to clash royale and connect to the account where you are moving your game .

On Android simply start Clash Royale on the new device and tap the gear-shaped settings button near the top right of the screen.


  1. Open Clash Royale on both an Android or iOS devices (original device and target device).
  2. Select the Gear-shaped settings button on both devices.
  3. Press the ‘Link a device’ button.
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