Question: How To Change Font Size On Android?

How do you change the font size of your text messages?

Make the font even bigger

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Larger Text.
  • Tap Larger Accessibility Sizes for bigger font options.
  • Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

How do I change the font size on my Samsung phone?

Select Screen Fonts and Sizes

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the notification panel.
  2. Tap Settings to display the Settings screen.
  3. Scroll to the Device section and tap Display and Wallpaper.
  4. Tap Font.
  5. Drag the Font Size slider to the left (smaller) or right (larger) to change the font size.

How do I make the font bigger on my Android phone?

1. Boost the size of on-screen text (Android and iOS)

  • For Android: Tap Settings > Display > Font Size, then choose one of the four settings—Small, Normal, Large, or Huge.
  • For iOS: Tap Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size, then drag the slider to the left (for smaller text sizes) or right (to go large).

How do I change my phone’s font?

To change font styles in GO Launcher, do the following:

  1. Copy your TTF font files to the phone.
  2. Open GO Launcher.
  3. Find the Tools app and open it.
  4. Tap on the Preferences icon.
  5. Scroll down to Personalization and select it.
  6. Tap on Font.
  7. Tap Select Font and tap on the font that you want to use.

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