Quick Answer: How To Delete Contact On Android?

How do I permanently delete contacts from my Android?

Tap the contacts’ profile pictures or names to select them, then click the 3 dots in the upper-right and click “Delete” to delete them.

Open “Settings” app on your Android phone, find and tap “Accounts”.

Then choose “Google” and tap the 3-dot icon on the top right, click “Sync now” to resync your Google data.

How do I delete a contact?

To delete a single contact, open the Contacts app from your home screen. Scroll through the list to find the contact you want to delete, then tap their name to open details. Tap Edit in the top right corner. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then tap Delete Contact.

How do I delete a contact on my Samsung phone?

Samsung Galaxy S4™

  • Touch Apps.
  • Scroll to and touch Contacts.
  • Scroll to and touch the contact you want to delete.
  • Touch Menu.
  • Touch Delete.
  • Touch DELETE.
  • The contact has been deleted.

How do I delete VCF files from my Android?

Open the “Messages” app on your phone by tapping the Home screen’s “All apps” option in the lower-left corner and then tapping “Messages.” Tap the message containing the vCard file you want to delete. If you have locked the message, you’ll need to tap the “Unlock message” option on the screen to be able to delete it.

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How do I delete read only contacts on Android?

Find that particular read-only contact that your phone is unable to delete. Put a check mark on it to select it then click the ‘More’ tab and click ‘Delete’. After deleting it go to ‘Settings>Account>Google’. Here enable the sync for ‘Contacts’.

How do you delete contacts on an Android?

Android: How to Delete All Contacts

  1. Disable syncing by going to “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Google“. Select your Google account and uncheck “Sync Contacts“.
  2. Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage applications” > “All” > “Contacts” > “Storage” and select “Clear data“. Note: This will also clear other data like your recent calls and Favorites.

How do you delete synced contacts on Android?

Remove synced contacts from Android

  • Set up your Exchange account.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Exchange > (Your account)
  • Disable the Contacts synchronization.
  • Go back to Settings > Apps.
  • Open the overflow icon in the top right and tap Show system.
  • Scroll down to the Contacts Storage app and tap it.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Tap Clear Data.

How can I delete contact from Imo?

Step 1: open imo and click the contacts you want to delete. Step 3: Scroll Down and click delete contracts.

How do I delete contacts from Google cloud?

Only compatible info is synced to the device.

  1. From a web browser on a computer, sign in to My Verizon.
  2. From the My Verizon Home page, click Account.
  3. Click Verizon Cloud.
  4. Click Contacts.
  5. Select the appropriate contact(s) by clicking on them.
  6. Click the Delete icon (the trashcan).
  7. Click Delete to confirm.
  8. Click OK.

How do I delete a contact on my Samsung Galaxy 8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ – Delete a Contact

  • From a Home screen, touch and swipe up or down to display all apps. These instructions apply to Standard mode and the default Home screen layout.
  • Tap Contacts .
  • Tap the Menu icon (upper-right).
  • Tap Delete.
  • Select (tap) the contact(s) you want to delete.
  • Tap Delete (at the bottom).
  • Tap Delete to confirm.

How do you delete a contact?

Step 1: Open Contacts app on your iPhone or iPad. Step 2: Choose the contact you want to delete, click Edit button in the right corner. Step 3: Scroll down and tap the large red “Delete Contact” button. As you can see there is currently no option to bulk delete more than one contact on your iPhone.

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How do you delete all contacts on Android?

Delete all contacts from an Android device:

  1. Open Settings on your Android phone/tablet.
  2. Go to the Applications section.
  3. Scroll down the list, which should be sorted alphabetically, to find the app named “Contacts Storage”.
  4. Tap on the app once to open its details.
  5. Tap the clear data options.

How do I read VCF files on Android?


  • Open the G-mail app on the phone you wish to import contacts.
  • From your inbox, open the e-mail with the .vcf file attached.
  • Tap on the file name (such as 00001.vcf) to open the file.
  • Contacts should automatically be imported to your Contacts app.

What does VCF mean on Android?

← Backup (VCF) vCard (vcf) is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e-mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or Instant Messaging. They can contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs and photographs.

What is a VCF file on Android?

A VCF file is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business. iPod and iPhone users can load vCards directly into the device’s Contacts app. Android users can also load vCards using the Contacts app bundled with the operating system. VCF files may be created from other file formats.

How do I delete hidden contacts on Android?


  1. Tap the Contacts or People app. The name of the app will vary depending on what Android device you are using.
  2. Tap the contact you want to delete. This will open the contact’s details.
  3. Tap Delete.
  4. Tap Yes to confirm that you want to delete the selected contacts.

How do I hide contacts on Android?

To hide a contact:

  • Touch and then touch the contact to open it.
  • Press > Edit.
  • Scroll down to Additional info and touch the arrow to expand the section.
  • Check the Hide in contacts list and Hide social activity boxes.

To unlink a linked contact:

  1. Select the contact from your list.
  2. Press Edit in the top-right corner of Contacts.
  3. Press Linked Contacts.
  4. Press Remove to unlink an entry from the linked contact.
  5. Press Close if you do not want to unlink any more contacts.
  6. Finally, press Done to finish editing.
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How do I delete unwanted contacts?

Delete Individual Contacts Directly on the iPhone

  • Open the Contacts app in iOS, tap the contact to delete, then choose the “Edit” button in the corner.
  • Scroll down and tap on the large red “Delete Contact” button, confirm the deletion of the contact when asked.

How do you delete contacts quickly?

Select Contacts.

  1. Hold Ctrl and click on the Contacts you want to delete.
  2. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

How do I delete duplicate contacts on my Android phone?

Access your Contacts app and tap on the menu button. From the menu, tap on “Merge accounts” and from next prompt tap on “Merge from Google”. From the next prompt, tap on “OK” and all your contacts will be merged. This will merge the accounts to get rid of duplicate contacts that were created due to multiple accounts.

How do I know if someone deleted me on IMO?

If you are blocked by someone on IMO you will still see their profile in chat history, but they will no longer appear in you contacts list. Furthermore, if you are blocked and send that person a message you will only see one blue check mark next to your message.

How can I delete missed call from Imo?

It will also clear chat history from IMO remote storage.

  • Open IMO and go to chats.
  • Look at the bottom right corner. You will see a toggle button there. click on the button.

How can I hide my number on IMO?

  1. Open the imo app.
  2. Tap Chats. It’s at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select a conversation with the person you want to block.
  4. Tap the person’s name. It’s at the top left corner of the screen, next to the “back” arrow.
  5. Scroll down and tap Block.
  6. Tap Yes to confirm. This person can no longer see when you are active.

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