How To Download Videos From Youtube To Android?


  • Open the YouTube app and find the video you want to download.
  • Play the video and tap the share button.
  • Select ‘YouTube downloader’ from the share menu.
  • Choose a format to download in – mp4 for a video or mp3 for an audio file.
  • Tap download.

Which is the best YouTube video downloader for android?

Here is the list of top 8 YouTube video downloader apps for Android.

  1. TubeMate.
  2. Videoder.
  3. VidMate.
  4. InsTube.
  5. SnapTube.
  6. NewPipe.
  7. YouTube Downloader for Android.
  8. YTD Video Downloader for Android.

How can I download videos from YouTube to my Samsung Galaxy?

Go to YouTube to find out the music or video you would like to download. Please click on share button under the YouTube video then copy URL(s) on the tab. 3. Run the YouTube Downloader for Samsung, Click Video Downloader and paste the URL(s) on the first dialog.

How do you save a YouTube video to your gallery?

Tap either “Download” or “Download As” and the video will be saved within the app. Now, if you wish to save the video directly to your phone, tap the “Videos” tab on the bottom of the screen, tap and hold the video icon and then click “Save to Camera Roll.”

What is the best app to download YouTube videos for android?


Can you download YouTube videos for free?

Then, click the Download Video button. If the text field or Download Video button above is not visible or clickable, you can also type in front of any YouTube address. Using the “download video in browser” link will allow you to download a YouTube video for free.

What is the best YouTube downloader?

Here is the list of best YouTube video download software for PC.

  • Gihosoft TubeGet.
  • Freemake Video Downloader.
  • 4K Video Downloader.
  • YTD Video Downloader.
  • Kastor All Video Downloader.
  • Winx YouTube Downloader.
  • aTube Catcher.
  • Airy.

How can I download YouTube videos to my Android phone for free?

  1. 8 Best YouTube Video Downloader App for Android Free.
  2. First Download & Install: TubeMate YouTube Downloader App on your Android Device.
  3. Launch YouTube and find a video you want to download.
  4. Tap Share, then choose TubeMate from the list of available apps.
  5. Open your browser on Android.

Can you download videos from YouTube?

To make a YouTube video available offline, first you need to open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Visit the video file you want to download. Look for the Add to Offline icon below the video (alternatively you can click the context menu button and select Add to Offline option).

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How can I save YouTube videos to my Android phone?

How to download YouTube videos on Android using VidMate

  • Launch the app and tap on the YouTube mobile site in the app.
  • Search for the video you want to download and tap on the red download button on the content.
  • Select the quality of your video and tap the “Download” option. Your video will start downloading.

How do you save videos from YouTube to your Android?


  1. Open the YouTube app and find the video you want to download.
  2. Play the video and tap the share button.
  3. Select ‘YouTube downloader’ from the share menu.
  4. Choose a format to download in – mp4 for a video or mp3 for an audio file.
  5. Tap download.

How do you save the video from YouTube?

Switch the player to the browser mode from the Main menu -> Window. Paste the link to a YouTube video, channel, playlist and click Enter. Select the file to download from the list under the video and click Download. You can save the video as MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV, etc.).

How can I download the video from YouTube?

Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Find a video on YouTube which you wish to download, then copy its link.
  • Step 2: Paste the video’s link in the download box at the top of this page.
  • Step 3: Now click on the “Download” button.
  • Step 4: Next, a list of all the available video resolutions and formats will be shown.

Is TubeMate safe?

Is TubeMate YouTube Downloader safe? The TubeMate YouTube Downloader app is safe. Until now there are no news about the distribution of malware or any kind of threat for the user’s privacy. In fact, its installation doesn’t even involve the download of other unwanted apps as happens in other cases.

How do I download YouTube videos to my SD card?

If you don’t turn on SD card use, your videos will save to your phone’s internal memory.

Download to an SD card

  1. Open the YouTube Go app.
  2. Go to a video you’d like to download to your SD card.
  3. Tap the video once.
  4. Select the video quality of either Data Saver, Standard, or High Quality.
  5. Tap Download.​

How can I download age restricted videos from YouTube?

How to Download Age Restricted YouTube Videos

  • Download and install YouTube By Click.
  • Add the video link to the software.
  • If the video is age restricted YouTube By Click will ask for your user name and password.
  • Enter your credentials, click download and the download of the YouTube age restricted video will begin.
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Is 4k Video Downloader safe?

The answer is: 4K Video Downloader is secure to use, provided that it is downloaded from its official site However, if your 4kvideodownloader.exe comes from third-party “EXE download” sites, we can’t give any guarantee that there’s no virus, Trojan, malware, spyware or others.

How can I download YouTube videos with mobile data?

Want to Download Youtube videos over mobile data then follow the steps .

  1. Open Youtube app.
  2. Click on your youtube channel icon at the top right corner.
  3. Now click on setting.
  4. Click on Download option.
  5. Now uncheck the Download over wifi only option.

How do you download YouTube videos as mp3?

Your no. 1 YouTube to MP3 Converter

  • Copy and paste the video link that you want to convert.
  • Select “.mp3” in the format field.
  • Click the “Start” button to initiate the conversion.
  • When the conversion is done, download the file from the link provided.

What is the safest YouTube downloader?

The best free YouTube downloader 2019

  1. 4K Video Downloader. Fast, free and flexible – the most versatile YouTube downloader.
  2. WinX YouTube Downloader. Clear, powerful and well designed – a very close runner-up.
  3. Any Video Converter Free. Download and convert videos, and add special effects.
  4. Free YouTube Download.
  5. aTube Catcher.

How can I download high quality videos from YouTube?

Go on YouTube and find the content you would like to download in high definition, you can always apply the special filter in YouTube search: Filter>Features>HD (High definition). After that, copy the needed video URL from your browser. 3. Launch the application and click on the “Paste URL” button.

What is the best YouTube converter?

Top 10 Best YouTube To MP3 Converters

  • Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. Even the name of this converter has the word “free” in it, which is a good start.
  • Converto. Converto is a completely free web-based video/audio converter, requiring no special software for its execution.
  • Y2Mate.
  • Online Video Converter.
  • Convert2MP3.
  • YTD Video Downloader.
  • aTube Catcher.
  • YoutubeMP3.

How can I download from Tubemate?

Choose a video to download. You might see a warning message about downloading APK files, so click ‘OK’ to allow it. Once TubeMate has downloaded, run the file and tap ‘Install’, then tap ‘Open’. You’ll then be informed which permissions the video downloader needs to run.

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How do you save videos to your camera roll?

Export and Save Videos to Your Photos App/Camera Roll

  1. Open the Coach’s Eye app. Tap on Videos on Device.
  2. Tap on the video you wish to export.
  3. Tap on the Share icon.
  4. Select Export from App.
  5. Tap on the Photos icon.
  6. Your video will be saved to your camera roll on your device.

How do I download a YouTube video onto my laptop?

Downloading a YouTube Video to Your Computer

  • Step One: Select the YouTube video. Find the desired video on YouTube and copy its URL.
  • Step Two: Use Open up your browser and go to Paste the YouTube URL into the URL field and select the “DOWNLOAD” button (above the large Download and Install icons).

How can I download blocked YouTube videos online?

The following will introduce you three ways to unblock YouTube videos and download blocked YouTube videos for offline watching.

Method 1 – Unblock and Download Restricted YouTube Videos With VidPaw

  1. Copy the Blocked YouTube Video URL.
  2. Paste the URL in VidPaw YouTube Downloader.
  3. Download Blocked YouTube Video.

Is YouTube by Click Safe?

As a YouTube video downloader, on one hand, YouTube by click is famous for its usability and simplicity. After installing this toolbar on your browser, it makes its magic to save YouTube videos in one click. On the other hand, most users reflected that YouTube by click is not safe and lacks processing power.

How do I download a restricted video from a website?


  • Go to a YouTube, Dailymotion, or Clipfish video. In your browser, go to a video that you want to download from one of these sites.
  • Select the video’s address.
  • Copy the address.
  • Click the video link text field.
  • Paste in your video’s address.
  • Click the mp3 ▼ box.
  • Click mp4.
  • Select a quality.

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