Quick Answer: How To Send Large Videos From Android To Iphone?

So, to send video from Samsung to iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/6/6S/5/5S/SE using iTunes, you have to follow the instructions below: 1.

Connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable.

After your computer detects the device, go to the Internal storage and you will find your videos in a folder called “DCIM”.

How can I send a video from Android to iPhone?

How to move your data from Android to iPhone or iPad with Move to iOS

  • Set up your iPhone or iPad until you reach the screen titled “Apps & Data”.
  • Tap “Move Data from Android” option.
  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store and search for Move to iOS.
  • Open the Move to iOS app listing.
  • Tap Install.

How can I send video from Samsung to iPhone?

Way 2: Via Samsung Smart Switch

  1. Connect your iPhone to PC using USB cable.
  2. Backup your iPhone using iTunes.
  3. Download and install the desktop version of “Smart Switch” on your PC.
  4. Open the program and select your device.
  5. Connect S5 to PC with USB cable.
  6. Tick “videos” from the list and click “start transfer”.

How do I transfer large files from Android to iPhone?

To transfer files from Android to iOS, you need to install Send Anywhere on both devices. After you’ve installed the app, open the app on both the devices. You’ll see a send and receive button in the home screen. Tap on the Send from the device, that has the file you want to transfer and choose the file(s).

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How do I Bluetooth a video from Android to iPhone?

Install the free Bump app on both devices to share files through a Bluetooth connection. Tap the category button for the type of file you want to transfer from the sender’s handset. For example, if you want to send a music file from the iPhone to the Android, tap the “Music” button on the iPhone.

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