How To Transfer Videos From Android To Iphone?

First, copy the videos from Android to PC

  • Plug in the Android device to the computer via the USB cable and navigate to the Phone storage or SD card.
  • Now, drag and drop the video-containing folders of your choice to the PC Desktop.
  • The folder(s) containing Android phone/tablet videos are copied to the PC.

Can I send video from Android to iPhone?

Or you can only transfer your videos manually. Step 2. Download the Move to iOS app from Google Play store on your Android device and open it. On your Android device, you need to select data like “Camera Roll” you want to send from Android to iPhone on “Transfer Data” screen and click “Next” to transfer it.

How do I transfer videos from galaxy to iPhone?

To move photos and videos from your Android device to your iOS device, use a computer with iTunes: Connect your Android to your computer and find your photos and videos. On most devices, you can find these files in DCIM > Camera. On a Mac, install Android File Transfer, open it, then go to DCIM > Camera.

How do I transfer files from Android to iPhone?

Connect your iPhone to your PC and then select the device button from the top left in iTunes to switch to the device. Click the “Apps” tab and then scroll down to File Sharing. Choose the app from which you want to transfer the file. Connect your Android device to your computer and then slide down the notification bar.

How can I transfer photos from Android to iPhone?

Steps to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone

  1. Run Wi-Fi Transfer App on both Android phone and iPhone.
  2. Click Send button on the Android phone.
  3. Browse to an album with photos you want to send on Android phone.
  4. Select the photos you like to transfer and click Send button.
  5. Select receiving device, the iPhone in the case.
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