How To Use Android?

How do I setup my Android phone for the first time?

How to set up a new Android phone or tablet

  • Enter your SIM, insert the battery, then attach the rear panel.
  • Switch on the phone and ensure it is fully charged.
  • Select a language.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Enter your Google account details.
  • Select your backup and payment options.
  • Set up a password and/or fingerprint.

How do you properly use a phone?

Part 2 Caring for your cell phone

  1. Buy a case and screen protector.
  2. Designate a safe place to keep and store your phone when not in use.
  3. Keep your phone dry.
  4. Clean your phone regularly.
  5. Recharge your cell phone on a regular schedule.
  6. Turn off the ringer on your phone when you’re in a class, a lecture, a meeting, etc.

What can you do on an Android phone?

Hidden tricks you didn’t know your Android phone could do

  • Cast your Android screen. Android Casting.
  • Run apps side-by-side. Split screen.
  • 3. Make text and images more visible. Display size.
  • Change volume settings independently. Android volume.
  • Lock phone borrowers inside one app. Screen pinning.
  • Disable the lock screen at home. Smart Lock.
  • Tweak the status bar.
  • Choose new default apps.

How do I use my new smartphone?

The first things to do when you get a new Android phone

  1. Look at everything inside the box. Open the box and remove your phone.
  2. Take a good look at the phone itself.
  3. Make sure the battery is charged.
  4. Connect to Wifi if you can.
  5. Check for an OS update.
  6. Log into your Google account.
  7. Update a whole bunch of apps.
  8. Jump into the settings.

How do I setup my Samsung phone?

Set Up New Samsung Galaxy Phone

  • Open back cover and Place Battery and Sim Card.
  • Power ON the Phone.
  • Select Language.
  • Select and Sign in to Wi-Fi Network.
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Use Tap and Go to transfer Data from Old Phone.
  • Sign into your Google Account.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions.
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Do I need Google account for Android phone?

You need a Google account only if you want to use Google services. If you don’t want to use Google services, you are free not to have a Google account. By the way, you can use the rest of Android without a Google account since the operating system itself is free and open source.

How do I get the most out of my Android phone?

11 Tips And Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Phone

  1. 1/12. Make sure you set up Google Now.
  2. 2/12. Customize your Android phone with launchers and lock screen replacements.
  3. 3/12. Enable Power Savings Mode.
  4. 4/12. If you still run out of juice, get an extra battery.
  5. 5/12. Make sure you’re signed in to your Google account in Chrome.
  6. 6/12.
  7. 7/12.
  8. 8/12.

How do I take care of my Android phone?

Got a new Android phone this summer? Here are 6 tips to take good care of it!

  • Tip #1. First! Get a screen protector and a sturdy case.
  • Tip #2. Charge your phone optimally.
  • Tip #3. Update the device’s OS.
  • Tip #4. Avoid choking your phone with unnecessary apps.
  • Tip #5. Keep it cool.

Should I charge my phone to 100?

According to Battery University, leaving your phone plugged in when it’s fully charged, like you might overnight, is bad for the battery in the long run. Once your smartphone has reached 100 percent charge, it gets ‘trickle charges’ to keep it at 100 percent while plugged in.

What can you do with your old Android phone?

Here are some of my favorite uses for a discarded Android:

  1. Keep it as a backup phone. Enlarge Image.
  2. Use it as a dedicated camcorder.
  3. Use it as a baby monitor.
  4. Use it as a video doorbell.
  5. Give it the GoPro treatment.
  6. Create a dedicated VR headset.
  7. DIY Google Home.
  8. Leave it on your nightstand.

What you can do with smartphone?

12 Unexpectedly Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

  • Remotely lock, unlock, alarm and even freakin’ start your car!
  • Light up your living room.
  • Monitor your heart rate.
  • Project a cool augmented reality map on the windscreen of your car!
  • Double up as a handy leveling tool.

How can I use mobile phone?

Part 3 Using Your Cell Phone

  1. Create a contact list by gathering up phone numbers of people you want to talk to.
  2. Make calls by choosing or dialling a number and pushing the “send” or “call” button.
  3. Set up your voicemail box.
  4. Text your contacts.
  5. Lock your keypad or smartphone to secure it from pocket dials or thefts.

What to do after buying a smartphone?

Things to Do After Buying New Android Phone

  • #1 Check out the Device. Check out the Device.
  • #2 Take a Look At The Phone. Take a Look At The Phone.
  • #3 Prepare Your Phone. Prepare Your Phone.
  • #4 Connect to WiFi. Connect to WiFi.
  • #5 Clean Setup Junk.
  • #6 Clean Home screen.
  • #7 Unwanted Bloatware.
  • #8 Setup Your Google Account.
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How do you handle a smartphone?


  1. Turn on Find My iPhone or find a similar service for your phone.
  2. Back up your data. Backing up your data simply means keeping a duplicate data of all the data in your smartphone.
  3. Know if you need the smartphone.
  4. Browse in a smart way.
  5. Try an antivirus.
  6. Don’t have strangers.
  7. Understand that old is not gold.
  8. Get a skin.

How use mobile phone safely?


  • Balance the safety and convenience.
  • Return to the cord phone or land-line phone.
  • Limit the length of your calls on your cell phone.
  • Use a hands-free device or wireless headset to increase the distance between the phone and your head.
  • Stay still when using a cell phone.
  • Turn the cell phone off when not in use.

How do I setup my new Samsung Galaxy s8?

  1. 1 Turn off your old phone.
  2. 2 Power on your new phone. Press and hold the power button until the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen appears, then release.
  3. 3 Enter your Verizon PIN.
  4. 4 Welcome.
  5. 5 Activate your new Galaxy S8.
  6. 6 Connect to Wi-Fi.
  7. 7 Sign in to Google.
  8. 8 Protect your phone.

How do I setup my Samsung Galaxy s8?

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ – Activate / Set Up Device

  • If powered off, press and hold the Power button until the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ screen appears then release.
  • Select the appropriate language then tap the right arrow icon.
  • To continue, review the ‘Terms and Conditions’, screen then tap Next.
  • From the ‘Phone Activation’ screen, tap Next.

How do I setup my device?

Set up your Google Home device

  1. Plug in Google Home.
  2. Create a Google Account if you don’t have one.
  3. Android.
  4. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Home device.
  5. From the home screen, tap on the Google Home app.
  6. Tap Add Set up device Set up new devices in your home.

Can I use Android without a Google account?

LineageOS is a version of Android which you can use without a Google account. LineageOS does not contain Google Play services by default which is good for your freedom. However, if you really need some of these proprietary apps or libraries you can try the Free Software implementation microG.

Can you set up an Android phone without a Google account?

Right from the start we’ll be honest and say it’s not easy using Android without Google—but it is possible. You can de-Google-ify an existing Android handset, but you’ll need to reset it first through the Settings app, to get back to the original setup screen.

Do I need Gmail account for android?

Gmail comes with that. If you never use it, it has no effect. The Google account is just to keep a record of apps you purchase at that point. You can use whatever email account you wish as your primary email, but Google requires you have a Google account to access the Android Market.

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Is it bad to let your phone die?

Myth #3: It’s terrible to let your phone die. Fact: We just told you not to make it a daily habit, but if you want your battery to stretch its legs a bit every now and again, it’s okay to let it run a “full charge cycle,” or to let it die and then charge back up to 100% again.

Is it bad to sleep with your phone charging next to you?

Fall asleep with your cell phone under your pillow or on your bed, and you run the risk of an electrical fire. As if this isn’t reason enough to keep your smartphone at a safe distance while sleeping, recent reports indicate that simply charging your phone at night can cause it to overheat.

Is it bad to leave your phone charging all night?

If you want the short answer then yes, you can leave your phone charging overnight and other than the phone being fully charged in the morning you will not notice anything different. But the problem will arise after about one year of use if you leave it charging overnight, every night.

How do I get to Android settings?

There are two ways of getting to Android 5.0’s Settings menu.

  • Open the app drawer using the icon in the middle of the bottom quick launch bar.
  • Tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.
  • Touch the magnifying glass icon in the top right to use the search field.

What is Android setup?

Android phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but within, they all run the same basic operating system. That Android code includes settings that let you tailor your smartphone to your needs.

How do I connect my Android phone to my TV?

Set up the remote control app

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Android TV.
  2. On your device, open the Android TV Remote Control app .
  3. On your device, tap the name of your Android TV.
  4. On your TV screen, you’ll see a PIN. Enter this PIN on your device.
  5. On your device, tap Pair.

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