Your question: Will Nokia 5 3 Get Android 12?

Will Nokia 5.3 Get Android 12?

Moreover, both Nokia 5.3 and Nokia 5.4 come with two years of Android version upgrades. This means the Android 11 and Android 12 software will be available on both phones and the Nokia 5.4 does not have an upper edge here, despite being a newer phone.

Is Nokia 5.3 support 5G?

Newly launched Nokia 8.3 5G is the company’s first smartphone to come with 5G support. To expand its portfolio, HMD Global has launched three smartphones that also includes the company’s first 5G smartphone- Nokia 8.3 5G. In addition to that, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 1.3 and one feature phone Nokia 5310 are also unveiled.

Is the Nokia 5.3 any good?

Nokia 5.3 review: Verdict

With decent build quality and a large 6.5in screen, it looks like a phone that costs twice the price, and the performance speeds outdo some of the top budget smartphones on the market. The excellent quadruple rear camera is another major selling point.

Does Nokia 5.3 have Gorilla Glass?

There is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the display which should help keep it from getting scratched. I like the big 6.55-inch display on the Nokia 5.3, and knowing that it has some sort of protection is reassuring. … The Nokia 5.3 also has a dedicated Google Assistant button.

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Does Nokia 5.3 have call recording?

The Nokia smartphone must support Android 10. To activate the recording, the user simply needs to press the ‘record’ button while on the call. … To access the call recording later, simply visit the ‘Recents’ tab. If a call was recorded, the user will see a ‘Recorded’ label below the contact’s name or phone number.

Is Nokia 5.3 Made in China?

The Nokia 5.3 is Made in India. … Nokia’s Android phones have always been about the ingredients that are in place.

How long does Nokia 5.3 battery last?

Nokia 5.3 Specs

Operating System Android 10
Screen Size 6.55 inches
Screen Resolution 1,600 by 720 pixels
Camera Resolution (Rear; Front-Facing) 13MP, 2MP, 5MP, 2MP; 8MP
Battery Life (As Tested) 10 hours, 48 minutes

Is Nokia a Chinese company?

Nokia is a Finland based company, which was recently taken over by HMD Global. The company has been launching a lot of Android smartphones lately. Not only that, but the Finish giant has also launched a couple of Smart TVs in the country as well as some nostalgic feature phones.

Is Nokia 5.3 a 4G phone?

The OS platform Nokia 5.3 is Android 10, customized with UI Android One. The connectivity of the handset offers 4G Volte network, dual-SIM, USB Type-C port, Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot, Bluetooth and A-GPS.

Does Nokia 5.3 support fast charging?

Yes, Nokia 5.3 does support a fast charging.

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