How can I get Logcat on my Android phone?

How do I enable Logcat?

How to open Logcat?

  1. By keyboard shortcut alt + 6.
  2. By clicking the main menu bar View > Tool Windows > Logcat .
  3. By clicking the Logcat Tool Button from the bottom of Android Studio.

How do I collect Logcat?

Using ADB

  1. Enable USB Debugging on your device. …
  2. Connect usb cable to the phone.
  3. Go to the Android SDK directory (for example C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdkplatform-tools)
  4. Type adb shell.
  5. Collect the log while trying to connect to the gateway and browse.

What is Logcat file in Android?

Logcat is a command-line tool that dumps a log of system messages, including stack traces when the device throws an error and messages that you have written from your app with the Log class. … For information about viewing and filtering logs from Android Studio, see Write and View Logs with Logcat.

Where are Android Logcat files stored?

To access the logging output, run the adb executable with the “logcat” argument: Windows: C:Users[username]AppDataLocalAndroidsdkplatform-tools> adb logcat.

Why is my Logcat empty?

Solution 1: Restarting your Android Studio

In your IDE Go to File > Invalidate Caches and Restart > Invalidate and Restart. This Solution will clear all the caches of Android studio IDE and restart it automatically, By the method, there are 80% change that Logcat will start work as before.

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Can I Enable USB debugging using ADB?

To use adb with a device connected over USB, you must enable USB debugging in the device system settings, under Developer options. To use adb with a device connected over Wi-Fi, see Connect to a device over Wi-Fi. On Android 4.2 and higher, the Developer options screen is hidden by default.

How do you save a log file on Android?

Every log message is logged via android. util. Log and also written to a text file on the device.

  1. Use logcat -f as in this answer to log to file. …
  2. Use microlog4android ( written for mobile devices like Android ) as in earlier answer. …
  3. Use Log4j with android-logging-log4j. …
  4. Yet to try LogBack.

How do I check logs on Android?

View your app logs

  1. Build and run your app on a device.
  2. Click View > Tool Windows > Logcat (or click Logcat in the tool window bar).

How do I run ADB Logcat?


  1. adb logcat. This command will generate real-time output in command window. …
  2. adb logcat –d > filename.txt. This command will extract the logcat information from the connected device and redirects the output to a file on the PC. …
  3. logcat -d -b main -b system -b events -v time > filename.txt. …
  4. More information.

Why is it called Logcat?

1 Answer. The name cat is a short for concatenate, as the tool can be used to join multiple files. The cat tool is used frequently to e.g. show a file content on standard output (console). It’s even common to call this operation to cat the file.

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What is start activity in Android?

Starting activities or services. To start an activity, use the method startActivity(intent) . This method is defined on the Context object which Activity extends. The following code demonstrates how you can start another activity via an intent.

Is it safe to delete log files on Android?

Yes, you can delete log files on your device… Using the app SD Maid (Explorer tab) on a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (N7000), Android 4.1. 2, LT5 Build, I found 900+ log files in /data/log. After clearing the literally hundreds of dumpstate* files, I got my internal memory back from only 207mb up to 1040+ mb!

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