How do I access Google Drive from Linux?

Can I use Google Drive with Linux?

If you’re more of a Terminal geek, drive is a small command line program that runs on both Linux and macOS. It’s open-source and written in Google’s “Go” programming language. … This tool isn’t for most people, but it does provide a well-supported way to interact with a Google Drive file system from the terminal.

How do I access Google Drive on Ubuntu?

How to Access your Google Drive Account in Ubuntu

  1. Step 1: Install and Open Gnome Online Accounts. Ubuntu 18.04 usually comes with Gnome Online Accounts utility in the System Settings by default. …
  2. Step 2: Add your Google Account to the Online Accounts. …
  3. Step 3: Mount Google Drive in Ubuntu File Manager.

How do I download Google Drive to Linux?

The easy way:

  1. Go to the Google Drive webpage that has the download link.
  2. Open your browser console and go to the “network” tab.
  3. Click the download link.
  4. Wait for it the file to start downloading, and find the corresponding request (should be the last one in the list), then you can cancel the download.

Does Google Drive work on Ubuntu?

Work With Google Drive Files in Ubuntu

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Unlike Windows or macOS, your Google Drive files are not downloaded and stored locally in Ubuntu. … You can also work directly on files in the mounted Google Drive folder. As you change files, those files are immediately synced back to your account online.

How do I install Google Drive on Linux?

Use Google Drive on Linux With a Web Browser

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to Google Drive.
  3. Select the Gear icon.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. In the Offline section, select the Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline check box.

How do I mount a Google Drive?

Open the app and choose the Google Drive icon in the connection dialog window. Enter your Google Drive account credentials. Click Mount. After that, your Google Drive will be displayed in Finder/ Windows Explorer together with your computer’s hard drive.

How do I install Google Drive app on Ubuntu?

To add your Google Drive account, search for “Settings” in the GNOME menu. From the left panel, select “Online Accounts”. Select “Google” from the available options. A tiny browser window will pop up, prompting you to log in to your Google account.

Can I wget from Google Drive?

Files can be downloaded from google drive using wget. Before that you need to know that files are small and large sized in google drive. … Before the file to be downloaded it is needed to be share publicly.

How do I download files from Google Drive?

Download a file

  1. Go to
  2. Click a file to download. To download multiple files, press Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) click any other files.
  3. Right-click. click Download.
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Where do downloads go in Linux?

The file should go to your Download directory. Try ls -a ~/Downloads and see if your file is there. You can also search in the graphical interface, Nautilus.

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