How do I find the WWN in Linux?

How do I find my WWN number in Linux?

  1. Find WWN in Linux is easy using existing commands and installing few systools will help us in getting the FC HBA adapter WWN in Linux. …
  2. We can use lspci command to find the FC HBA adapter details first. …
  3. Method 1 # lspci |grep -i hba 0e:04.0 Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp.

How do you find the WWN?

Finding a WWN on a Windows host

  1. Go to the Start menu, select Find and choose the Files and Folders option.
  2. On the Find dialog box, in Named type lputilnt.exe, and from the Look in list, choose the data drive that contains the Emulex mini-port driver.
  3. Choose Find Now to search for the LightPulse utility.

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How do I know my HBA card number in Linux?

How to check the number of HBA cards or ports are available in my Linux setup ?

  1. # lspci | grep -i fibre. 04:00.2 Fibre Channel: Emulex Corporation OneConnect 10Gb FCoE Initiator (be3) (rev 01) …
  2. # lspci | grep -i hba. 03:00.0 Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. …
  3. # ls -ld /sys/class/fc_host/*
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How do I get HBA card info in Linux?

Check HBA card and its driver’s info in linux(RHEL6)

  1. To check if the host has HBA card installed and which type of card installed, physiical slot, driver, module information. # lspci | grep -i fibre. 15:00.0 Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. …
  2. check if the driver/module loaded in kernel. # lsmod | grep qla2xxx. …
  3. check author,description,mdule file name, license, driver version.

What is the WWN number?

A WWN is a number that is hard-coded into network storage devices, such as fiber channels and advanced technology attachments (ATA). To simplify, a WWN is like a MAC address but for network storage devices.

How do I find Wwpn number in Linux?

Method 2: On Redhat 4 and below (including OEL and CentOS) , the /proc/scsi/[adapter-type]/[n] file contains the HBA WWPN information. adapter-type :It can be either qlaxxxx for QLogic adapters (or) lpfc for Emulex adapters. n refers the number of HBA card available on the system .

How do I find the LUN ID in Linux?

so the first device in command “ls -ld /sys/block/sd*/device” corresponds to the first device scene in the command “cat /proc/scsi/scsi” command above. i.e. Host: scsi2 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 29 corresponds to 2:0:0:29. Check the highlighted portion in both commands to correlate. Another way is to use sg_map command.

What is Lun in Linux?

In computer storage, a logical unit number, or LUN, is a number used to identify a logical unit, which is a device addressed by the SCSI protocol or by Storage Area Network protocols that encapsulate SCSI, such as Fibre Channel or iSCSI.

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How do I rescan HBA in Linux?

Online rescanning of LUNs on Linux hosts

  1. Update the HBA driver by installing or updating the files sg3_utils-*. …
  2. Ensure that DMMP is enabled.
  3. Ensure that the LUNS that need to be expanded are not mounted and are not used by applications.
  4. Run sh -r .
  5. Run multipath -F .
  6. Run multipath .

What is difference between WWN and Wwpn?

A WWPN (World Wide Port Name) is physically assigned to a part in a Fibre Channel device, such as a FC HBA or SAN. … The difference between a node WWN (WWNN), is it can be shared by some or all ports of a device, and a port WWN (WWPN), is one which is necessarily unique to each port.

How do I find my WWN number HP server?

run “fcinfo” command in Command Prompt. It will show up HBA connected to the server with WWN.

What is HBA in Linux?

Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters(HBA) are interface cards that connects the host system to a fibre channel network or devices. The two major manufacturers of FC HBAs are QLogic and Emulex and the drivers for many HBAs are distributed in-box with the Operating Systems.

How do I replace my HBA card in Linux?

Planning Steps:

  1. Locate the failed HBA adapter on the physical machine.
  2. Note the WWPN of the HBA that will be replaced.
  3. Go to the V7000s in the High Aavailability(HA) group and make note which host ports they are and how many will need to be changed.

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Where is San storage in Linux?

If you want to check the LUNs that are provisioned to the server, run “fdisk -l” or “cat /proc/scsi/scsi”. Keep in mind that you may see duplicates if you have multiple paths to the SAN.

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