How do I fix duplicate text messages on my Android?

What causes duplicate texts on Android?

If you are receiving multiple copies of your text messages, it may be caused by an intermittent connection between your phone and the mobile network. To make sure messages are delivered, your phone makes several attempts, which may result in multiple copies of a text message.

How do I fix my double text messages?

After that, hold down the Power Button and tap on Restart. If that does not work, clear the app’s data and cache. Do note that this will wipe all your messages so you might want to backup all important texts. To clear app cache and data, head to Settings > Apps > Messages > Storage > Clear cache/data.

Why am I getting duplicate texts on my Samsung?

This is caused by a software issue where your device does not properly signal the network that it has received the initial message, so the network sends your device the same message multiple times. First, make sure your software is up to date by going into Settings > About Device > Software Update.

Why am I getting copies of my text messages?

If you use an Android smartphone, this happens when there is difficulty establishing a good connection between your phone and your network carrier. In a bid to deliver the message, several attempts are made, and in the process, you receive that same message you just sent to another person.

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Why do my texts repeat?

Another reason for receiving duplicate messages could be that you or the sender is in a low coverage area. That means the phones are disconnecting from the network frequently. In that case, if a person sends you a message, it might re-deliver to you once you re-connect to the network.

Will clearing cache delete text messages?

Now when you clear the cache for the app, it only removes those temporary files, without affecting any of your personal data such as messages, pictures, accounts, files, etc. Generally, Android manages the cached data on its own.

How do I change message settings on Samsung?

Set up SMS – Samsung Android

  1. Select Messages.
  2. Select the Menu button. Note: The Menu button may be placed elsewhere on your screen or your device.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select More settings.
  5. Select Text messages.
  6. Select Message Centre.
  7. Enter the Message centre number and select Set.

What is push messages on android?

Push notifications are messages that can be sent directly to a user’s mobile device. They can appear on a lock screen or in the top section of a mobile device. … If you have installed the app and have enabled push notifications, they can be sent by the app publisher at any time.

Why do I keep getting the same text message over and over Iphone?

Head to Settings > Notifications > Messages and double-check that Repeat Alerts is set to ‘Never’. Let’s also check Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure you don’t see any duplicate listings there.

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