How do you multiply two numbers in Linux?

How do you multiply two numbers in Unix?

Multiplication of two numbers using expr in shell script

In shell, * represents all files in the current directory. So, in order to use * as a multiplication operator, we should escape it like *. If we directly use * in expr, we will get error message.

Which command is used to multiply two number?

Program to Multiply Two Numbers

product = a * b; Finally, product is displayed on the screen using printf() .

How do you multiply in bash?

The Bash shell has a large list of supported arithmetic operators to do math calculations.

What are the Bash Arithmetic Operators?

Arithmetic Operator Description
** exponentiation
*, /, % multiplication, division, remainder (modulo)
+, – addition, subtraction
«, » left and right bitwise shifts

How do you do math on Linux?

5 Useful Ways to Do Arithmetic in Linux Terminal

  1. Using Bash Shell. The first and easiest way do basic math on the Linux CLI is a using double parenthesis. …
  2. Using expr Command. The expr command evaluates expressions and prints the value of provided expression to standard output. …
  3. Using bc Command. …
  4. Using Awk Command. …
  5. Using factor Command.
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How do you split two numbers in a shell script?

Shell script for division of two numbers

  1. initialize two variables.
  2. divide two numbers directly using $(…) or by using external program expr.
  3. Echo the final result.

How can I add two numbers in shell script?

  1. #!/bin/bash.
  2. echo -n “Enter the first number : “
  3. read num1.
  4. echo -n “Enter the second number : “
  5. read num2.
  6. sum=`expr $num1 + $num2`
  7. echo “sum of two value is $sum”

How do you multiply numbers?

Steps to multiply using Long Multiplication

  1. Write the two numbers one below the other as per the places of their digits. …
  2. Multiply ones digit of the top number by the ones digit of the bottom number. …
  3. Multiply the tens digit of the top number by the ones digit of the bottom number. …
  4. Write a 0 below the ones digit as shown.

How do you divide two numbers in C++?

Divide Two Integers in C++

  1. Taking two arguments x and y it indicates x divides y.
  2. if x
  3. a := |x|, b := |y| and ans := 0.
  4. while a – b >= 0. p := 0. …
  5. if x > 0 is true and y > 0 is also true, then return ans, otherwise return (– ans)

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What is multiply in Java?

In order to multiply numbers in Java, we will use the asterisk (*) between each number or variable. int x = 12; int y = 13; int z = x * y; System.

How do you calculate in terminal?

Calculations with Calc

To open it, simply type calc in a terminal and hit Enter. Like bc, you’ll need to use typical operators. For example, 5 * 5 for five multiplied by five. When you type a calculation, hit Enter.

How do you write else in shell script?

To use multiple conditions in one if-else block, then elif keyword is used in shell. If expression1 is true then it executes statement 1 and 2, and this process continues. If none of the condition is true then it processes else part.

Does Linux terminal have math?

We are using the Ubuntu command line, the Terminal, in order to perform all the mathematical operations. You can open the Terminal either through the system Dash or the Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut.


+, – Addition, subtraction
*, / , % Multiplication, division, remainder
** Exponent value

How do you calculate in Linux?

expr & echo : Linux command is used for very basic math calculation.

Simply type “bc” on your terminal to launch the bc command and use the following symbols for calculation:

  1. Plus : Addition.
  2. Minus : Subtraction.
  3. Forward Slash : Division.
  4. Asterisk: Used for Multiplication.

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How do you add numbers in Linux?

Check: ./ Please enter a number: 50 The sum of 50 and 10 is 60. If you want the user to input the number as an argument to the script, you can use the script below: #!/bin/bash number=”$1″ default=10 sum=`echo “$number + $default” | bc` echo “The sum of $number and 10 is $sum.”

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