Quick Answer: How To Install Ubuntu Themes?

Once Gnome Tweak Tool is installed, press Super key (Windows key) and search for Gnome Tweak Tool.

Click on it to open it.

Now under Appearance section, you should see the options to change icons or Shell themes.

You can select the themes from here.

How do I install a new theme in Ubuntu?

http://ubuntu-tweak.com/ Just double click the downloaded .deb file and you should be able to install it through the software-center. Once you have it installed, open ubuntu tweak tool and go to “Tweaks” and click theme. Select Grayday in GTK theme and Window theme.

Where do I put Gnome themes?

  • To install themes in Linux, you can use Unity tweak tool or GNOME tweak tool. Unity and GNOME tweak tools are available in Software center.
  • Extract the theme file that you want to install like below –
  • $ sudo mv path-of-extracted-theme-folder /usr/share/themes.

How do I make Ubuntu 18.04 Look Like Mac?

Steps to Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS X

  1. Choose the Right Desktop Flavour.
  2. Install a Mac GTK Theme (Gnome Desktop Only)
  3. Install MacOS theme (Ubuntu Unity Desktop Only)
  4. Install Mac like Desktop Dock.
  5. Install Launchpad.
  6. Change Mac Icon set.
  7. MacBuntu Wallpapers.
  8. Change the System Font.

How do I install Ubuntu Tweak?

How to Install Ubuntu Tweak in Ubuntu 17.04

  • Open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching “Terminal” from the Dash. When it opens, run command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:trebelnik-stefina/ubuntu-tweak.
  • Then update and install Ubuntu Tweak via commands: sudo apt update.
  • 3. ( Optional) If you don’t want to add the PPA, grab the deb from the direct link below:
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