At which point must a key be pressed to start the BIOS setup program?

At which point must a key be pressed to start the BIOS setup program? Explanation: To enter the BIOS setup program, you must press the proper key or key sequence during POST.

What is a function of the BIOS It essentials?

It ensures that a computer will only boot an operating system that is trusted by the motherboard manufacturer. It provides passwords for different levels of access to the BIOS.

What are two settings that can be modified in the BIOS setup program?

(The BIOS setup program is used to change settings if memory modules, storage devices, and adaptor cards are added. Most manufacturers provide the ability to modify boot device options, security and power settings, and adjustments for voltage and clock settings.)

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Which is a BIOS security feature?

There are several commonly available BIOS security features. Drive encryption is used to encrypt hard drives to prevent data access. Secure boot ensures that devices will only boot a trusted operating system. BIOS passwords allow different levels of BIOS access.

What is one purpose of adjusting the clock speed within the BIOS configuration settings?

The CPU clock speed can be adjusted up or down within the BIOS configuration settings. By lowering the clock speed, a CPU can run slower and cooler. Increasing the CPU clock speed makes the computer run faster and hotter.

Which two types of data should be backed up before troubleshooting?

Which two types of data should be backed up before troubleshooting a computer for a customer? (Choose two.) Explanation: Only customer created data is necessary for backup as a precaution to the troubleshooting process.

What is used to prevent the motherboard from touching the case?

What is used to prevent the motherboard from touching metal portions of the computer case? Explanation: Screws and standoffs that are non-metallic may be insulators and protect against grounding. 7.

What settings can I change through BIOS?

How to Configure the BIOS Using the BIOS Setup Utility

  1. Enter the BIOS Setup Utility by pressing the F2 key while the system is performing the power-on self-test (POST). …
  2. Use the following keyboard keys to navigate the BIOS Setup Utility: …
  3. Navigate to the item to be modified. …
  4. Press Enter to select the item. …
  5. Use the up or down arrow keys or the + or – keys to change a field.
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Can your computer boot without BIOS Why?

EXPLANATION: Because, without the BIOS, the computer will not start. BIOS is like the ‘basic OS’ which interconnects the basic components of the computer and allows it to boot up. Even after the main OS is loaded, it may still use the BIOS to talk to the main components.

What are two reasons someone might upgrade a NIC?

A network interface card (NIC) upgrade might be done to provide wireless connectivity or to increase bandwidth.

When a PC is being assembled?

When a PC is being assembled, what component is connected to the motherboard with a SATA cable? Explanation: SATA cables, or serial ATA cables, are used to carry data from drives to the motherboard.

Which two factors must be considered when replacing?

The new RAM must match the old RAM in terms of capacity and speed. Explanation: When the RAM on a motherboard is being replaced or upgraded, the new RAM module must be compatible with the current motherboard. In addition, the speed of the new RAM must be supported by the chipset.

What are three important considerations when installing a CPU on a motherboard choose three?

What are three important considerations when installing a CPU on a motherboard? (Choose three.)

  • Antistatic precautions are taken.
  • The CPU is correctly aligned and placed in the socket.
  • The CPU contacts are first cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
  • The CPU heat sink and fan assembly are correctly installed.

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When a new PC is being built which component has the most influence?

When a new PC is being built, which component has the most influence when selecting the case and power supply? Explanation: The choice of motherboard determines the type of case and power supply. The form factor of a motherboard must match the type of case and power supply.

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Where is the saved BIOS configuration data stored?

The BIOS settings are stored in the CMOS chip (which is kept on power via the battery on the motherboard). That is why the BIOS is reset when you remove the battery and re-attach it. The same program runs but the settings are defaulted.

How does the Post indicate the error?

How does the POST indicate the error? an error or beep code alerts the technician of the problem. … When the PC is powered on, it emits a series of beeps and indicates that the BIOS settings have changed and need to be reconfigured. The technician reconfigures the BIOS settings, saves them, and the computer boots.

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