How To Measure Windows For Blinds?

How do measure for blinds?


1) Measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle and bottom.

Take the narrowest of the three width measurements, and round down to the nearest 1/8″.

2) Measure the height inside the window opening from the top of the window opening to the window sill three times.

How do you measure window depth for blinds?

How to Measure Inside Mount Blinds

  • Measure the depth of your window frame.
  • Measure the width of your window at the top, middle, and bottom of your window opening and circle the narrowest measurement of the three – this will be the number you submit for your window’s width.

How do I measure blinds for window Home Depot?

  1. Inside mount: Measure height at left, middle, and right of window. Write down the longest measurement (round down to an even 1/8″).
  3. Inside mount: Measure width at top, middle, and bottom of window. Write down the narrowest measurement (round down to an even 1/8″).
  4. Wood Blinds. Wood Alternative.
  5. ❑ INSIDE.

Do blinds go inside or outside window frame?

Inside mounted blinds and shades will give you the cleanest look. That is because they fit inside the window frame, and can be mounted as deep or as shallow as you like. You just mount the brackets outside of the window frame and hang your blinds or shades so they extend past the frame.

How much depth should inside mount blinds be?

As a general rule, 2″ horizontal blinds such as faux wood blinds and wood blinds need at least 1.5″ inches and 3″ for a flush mount. Honeycomb shades for instance require less space needing just under 1″ depth and 2″ for a flush mount blind.

What size blinds do I need?

Window should have a minimum recessed space of 2 3/8″ for inside mount. Measure the width of the window from the top of the opening to the sill in 3 places. Use the smallest dimension for the blind width. The factory will automatically deduct up to 1/4″ – 1/2″.

Should blinds rest on window sill?

In most cases blinds look and work the best when they rest on the window sill. No one is ever going to notice extra 1/2″ of length and this keeps them from blowing in a slight breeze. If you prefer for the blinds not to touch the windowsill, you should deduct 1/4″.

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What is the standard window size?

Standard sliding window widths are 36, 48, 60, 72 and 84 inches wide; the windows themselves are actually 36 1/2, 47 1/2, 59 1/2, 71 1/2 and 83 1/2 inches wide to allow for installation. Standard heights are 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 and 60 inches. A 6-foot-wide by 4-foot-tall window is identified as “6040.”

How do you measure for double window blinds?

Measure the window in three places (top, middle, bottom), as shown in our measuring instructions. For two (2) separate blinds in one window, take the smallest width and divide it by 2. Then add 1/4″ to the width of each blind. (The factory will deduct 1/2″ from each blind.)

How much should blinds cost per window?

The cost of these units varies greatly according to the features homeowners select and the size of their window(s), but it starts at about $150-$200 per window with options that can add $1,000 or more to the final cost. Installation of these custom blinds generally costs between $80-$250, depending on their features.

How much does it cost for blinds in a house?

In this guide, we examine the average cost of installing blinds on standard 27-inch windows, which averages $650 for faux wood slat blinds on 8 windows.


Material Cost Per Window Best For
Aluminum $70 Slat blinds
Fabric $100 Vertical blinds
Vinyl 1 $120 Slat blinds
Bamboo $80 Roller blinds

2 more rows

How do you measure windows for faux wood blinds?

Measuring the width

  • Measure the exact width (left to right) of the inside edge of the window frame in three different places (top, middle, and bottom).
  • Write down the narrowest width of the 3 measurements down to the closest 1/8″.
  • If you are getting a 1/16″ or 1/32″ increment, round down to the nearest 1/8″.

Should blinds cover the window frame?

Outside mount applications can help give your windows a uniform look by covering the entire window frame. You want window covering for a sliding or French door. There is almost never enough space for inside-mount blinds on doors.

How do you hang blinds without brackets?

How to Hang Wood Blinds Without Brackets

  1. Drill two holes through the face of the head rail approximately 1 inch inward from each end.
  2. Place the head rail over the top window trim and center it over the window.
  3. Drill pilot holes into the top window trim with the drill and a drill bit approximately half the size of your screws.
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Are blinds better inside or outside recess?

You can be more flexible on sizing compared to blinds fitted inside the recess. Blinds fitted outside the recess can be retracted so as not to cover any window space, and thus let in all available light.

How do you measure for 2 inch faux wood blinds?

Measuring For Outside Mount Wood Blinds. Find Width: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8″ between the outermost points where the blind is to be placed. For optimum light control, this measurement should extend 3/4″ beyond the window opening on each side (or 1-1/2″ for the entire width).

What is an inside mount for blinds?

Inside mounting occurs when the blind is installed inside the window frame. Inside mounts are the cleanest look because they fit snugly inside the window frame.

What is window depth?

Jamb depth. Refers to the depth of the wall from the finished drywall surface on the interior to the outside edge of the wall sheathing on the exterior.

How are bay window blinds measured?

Step 1. Measure the total width of the side bay windows into the corner of the frame, usually these are the smallest in a square bay window, shown as A in the diagram below. Measure to the nearest millimetre. Make a note of this measurement as you’ll use this measurement as your width when ordering your blind new blind

What are standard blind sizes?

When selecting window blinds, consider three measurements: window length, width and depth. Depth determines the size of slats, but standard window lengths are: 36 inches. 72 inches.

How do you measure for cellular blinds?

Instructions for Inside Mounted Honeycomb/Cell Shades

  • To determine the width, measure from left to right on the top, middle, and the bottom. Use the smallest width out of those numbers, rounding down to the nearest 1/8”.
  • This is the width you will use when ordering.
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What blinds are best for large windows?

What are the best blinds for large windows?

  1. Avoid bulky blinds.
  2. Vertical blinds.
  3. If you have a tall window, such as the one leading onto your patio, then vertical blinds could be the perfect choice to complement its long length.
  4. Venetian blinds.
  5. Roller and Roman blinds.

How much space do you need between blinds?

Although you may need the extra space on one side of the mount, you want the inside mounts to butt next to each other to prevent a wide seam between the blinds. If your basic blind width is 50 inches and your blind manufacturer deducts 1/2 inch for inside mounts, the blind size you need to order is 50 1/4 inches.

How do you measure for blackout blinds?

Measuring windows without a recess. Use a metal tape measure for accuracy. Measure across the window width, adding an extra 10cm (4″) to the total width to allow a 5cm (2″) overlap either side of the window to block out light effectively.

How do you measure a window for replacement windows UK?

Measure your window from the outside of the property. Measure the brickwork opening in 3 places for both width and height. Of the 3 measurements use the smallest and deduct approximately 10mm, that’s your order size. The height measurements must be from underneath of any existing removable cill.

How do you measure Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium Window Measuring Step by Step. 1. Measure the height and width of the aperture. Each dimension has to be measured three times: height is measured on the left side, in the centre and on the right side; width is measured at the top, central part and at the bottom.

Do you measure windows from the inside or outside?

Run a tape measure from the outside of the frame to the inside and take the measurement from edge to edge of the window frame.

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