Question: How To Measure Windows For Curtains?

How do I know what size curtains to buy?

Measure the width of the rod from left to right.

A common rule for displaying curtains properly says the curtains finished width should be at least 2 times the width of your window (if not more – sheers can be 3 times the window width) to achieve a look of proper fullness.

How do I measure for curtains?


  • Take time to measure your window carefully.
  • Decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a track or pole.
  • Fit the track or pole before taking measurements, it should be positioned 15cm (6 inches) above the window. and extend 15-20cm (6-8 inches) either side.

How do you measure curtains for bay windows?

In some cases, measuring for the width of bay window curtains requires taking measurements for each individual section. To measure the width, place a tape measure on the left side of the window at the start of the first section, then stop the tape measure right before the start of the adjacent section.

How do you measure curtain drop?

Curtain pole using rings – measure from beneath the pole to where you want the curtains to end. Curtain track – to measure the length, measure from the top of the track to where you want the curtains to end.

How far below window should curtains hang?

As a general rule, you should aim to hang your curtain rods four to six inches above the window frame, and have the curtain rod extend slightly beyond the frame to both the left and the right. This will ensure that the curtains completely cover the window and do not let light penetrate the curtains when they are drawn.

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How long should your curtains be?

How Long Should Curtains Be? Floor-length is the way to go, unless there’s a radiator or a deep sill in the way. Ready-made panels are available in lengths from 63 to 144 inches. Measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod, then round up.

Are curtain widths per Curtain?

All of our ready made curtain sizes are labelled with ‘width by drop’ sizing, so the first number is always the measurement across, and the second is always the measurement down. Our ready made curtains are sold in pairs, and the size refers to each individual curtain.

What width should eyelet curtains be?

Ideally, two 1350mm wide curtains (total flat width 2700mm) will suit this window. The fullness/gather is a personal choice and the above information is only a guide. The Eyelet Curtain is often used as a side drape over blinds, in which case the size will generally not matter.

How do I get curtains for a bay window?


  1. Choose tension curtain rods if you want something easy to install.
  2. Buy a bay window curtain rod if you want to use 1 long curtain rod.
  3. Get multiple straight curtain rods if your bay window has more than 3 sections.
  4. Use single brackets if you want 1 layer of curtains over each window.

Where should curtains drop to?

This is the most important rule for professional-looking, attractive window treatments: Hang the curtains high to give your room a luxurious illusion of extra height. The pole or valance should be positioned a minimum of 4 inches and a maximum of 12 inches above the top of the window in most cases.

How do you measure for eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains should be hung from curtain poles. Simply measure between the finials (the decorative ends) to obtain the width. Drop: The inner edge of the eyelet is set down 3cm from the top of the curtain so you need to allow for this when measuring or your curtains will be 3 cm too short!

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How do you choose curtain fabric?

How to Choose Curtains and Drapes

  • For spaces that get a lot of natural sunlight, opt for curtains in a natural hue. Sunlight.
  • Hanging curtains or drapes closer to the ceiling can add height to your room.
  • Find a fabric sample and hold it up against a window to see how well it functions and looks in your space.

Should curtains touch the window sill?

In formal or dressy rooms, curtains should just touch the floor. Curtains to the sill, or to the bottom of the window trim (called the apron), look great and are practical in a kitchen. Never hang curtains of any length near a stove.

Do sheers have to be the same length as curtains?

Like with curtains, you want your sheers to have a bit of a wave to them. With the height, if used in conjunction with a floor length curtain, you can either have the sheer the same length (or just an inch shorter) or only have the sheers hang down to the sill.

Should curtains be longer than window?

DO Hang High. The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window will appear, so fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window, if you can. One rule of thumb is that they should sit 4-6 inches above the window frame.

How much should curtains puddle?

Some people prefer that window treatments hang just above the floor, while others want the drama of a voluminous puddle that requires an additional 18 inches of fabric once it has reached the floor. This is often done to be able to tie the curtains back. On average, however, a puddle is about 4 inches on the floor.

Should curtains hang over radiators?

The main mistake that people make is to fit heavy floor-length curtains over both the window and the radiator below. This traps the heat in the window space and does not let it into the room. Correctly fitted curtains should not cover the top of the radiator, but should stop just below the window ledge.

Which side of the curtain should face outside?

The layers, starting from inside the room, are: curtain fabric right side (facing into the room), curtain fabric wrong side (not visible but orienting out the window), lining wrong side (not visible but orienting into the room), lining right side (facing out the window).

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How wide should Curtain Pole be?

Curtains should neatly frame your window when pulled open. To achieve this, your pole should extend beyond the edges of your window surrounds by around 15-20cm (6-8″). So, when you’ve measured the width of your window, you need to add an extra 30-40cm (12-16″).

Should eyelet curtains be double width?

As such you will require 2.5x the track width or 150% fullness. Standard window curtains you will use the guide above to decide on the amount of fabric. In the case of large stage curtains with a pencil pleat heading the requirement is less.

What width do curtains come in?

Most of our curtains are available in 3 standard widths 117cm, 168cm and 229cm.

How do you blackout a window?

A proven way to do blackout without a curtain rod is to use black fabric cut to the window size. Put up Velcro dots on the window frame, placed strategically to match Velcro on the fabric. You can actually make fabric to look like Roman shades. Looks great, no screws or hardware and easy to wash.

How do you hang window curtains?

Curtains should just touch the floor or pool slightly. Determine where you’ll hang your curtain rod based on the length of your curtains. You’ll want to position curtain brackets so your rod is about six inches above your window frame. Measure the depth of your window to determine the size of your curtain brackets.

What is the proper height to hang curtains?

Assuming you’re outfitting a living room or bedroom with average ceiling height (8 feet high), an interior designer’s rule of thumb would be to mount the curtain rod about a half-foot above the top of the window frame—even higher if the total space between the top of the window and the ceiling line is less than 12

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