What is difference between CentOS and Ubuntu?

The biggest difference between the two Linux distributions is that Ubuntu is based on the Debian architecture while CentOS is forked from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In Ubuntu, you can download DEB packages using the apt-get package manager. … CentOS is considered to be a more stable distribution compared to Ubuntu.

Which is better CentOS or Ubuntu?

If you run a business, a Dedicated CentOS Server may be the better choice between the two operating systems because, it’s (arguably) more secure and stable than Ubuntu, due to the reserved nature and the lower frequency of its updates. Additionally, CentOS also provides support for cPanel which Ubuntu lacks.

Is CentOS same as Ubuntu?

The biggest difference between CentOS vs. Ubuntu is where the distribution comes from. CentOS is sourced from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Ubuntu is based on Debian architecture.

Is Linux and CentOS same?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)have the same functionality. The biggest difference is that CentOS Linux is a community-developed, free alternative to RHEL.

What is CentOS good for?

CentOS is very secure and stable. It is on par with RHEL and receives a lot of the same corporate level security updates making it a great choice for all users. … CentOS runs very basic software and will run much faster than other similar Linux distributions. I also really like CentOS Web Panel for our web server.

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Which Linux server is best for home?

Best Linux server distros at a glance

  • Ubuntu Server.
  • Debian.
  • OpenSUSE Leap.
  • Fedora Server.
  • Fedora CoreOS.

CentOS/RHEL make fewer rapid changes so you end up with a more stable platform over time. All the developer types love Ubuntu because they want to be running bleeding edge versions of everything all the time and drive enterprise sysadmins nuts. Bleeding edge is great, but its incredibly hard to maintain.

Why Red Hat Linux is the best?

Red Hat is one of the leading contributors to the Linux kernel and associated technologies in the greater open source community, and has been since the beginning. … Red Hat also uses Red Hat products internally to achieve faster innovation, and a more agile and responsive operating environment.

Which is the best Linux?

Top Linux Distros to Consider in 2021

  1. Linux Mint. Linux Mint is a popular distribution of Linux based on Ubuntu and Debian. …
  2. Ubuntu. This is one of the most common Linux distributions used by people. …
  3. Pop Linux from System 76. …
  4. MX Linux. …
  5. Elementary OS. …
  6. Fedora. …
  7. Zorin. …
  8. Deepin.

Is CentOS being discontinued?

CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream and CentOS Linux 8 will end at 2021. From the announcement email: … CentOS Linux 8, as a rebuild of RHEL 8, will end at the end of 2021. CentOS Stream continues after that date, serving as the upstream (development) branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Should I use CentOS or RHEL?

CentOS is a community-developed and supported alternative to RHEL. It is similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux but lacks the enterprise-level support. CentOS is more or less a free replacement for RHEL with few minor configuration differences. … CentOS does tend to run a little behind RHEL with releases.

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