You asked: How do I fix a stuck BIOS on my ASUS laptop?

Unplug power and remove battery, press and hold power button for 30 seconds to release all power from circuitry, plug back in and power up to see if any change.

How do I fix a stuck boot on my Asus laptop?

Please turn off the laptop (press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds until the Power light is OFF to force shut down), then press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds to do CMOS reset. Re-install the battery (for removable battery models) and connect the AC adapter, then try to restart your laptop.

How do I get out of ASUS BIOS?

Press the F10 key to exit the BIOS setup utility. In the Setup Confirmation dialog box, press the ENTER key to save the changes and exit.

How do you reset BIOS on ASUS laptop?

[Notebook] How to restore BIOS settings

  1. Press Hotkey[F9], or use the cursor to click [Default] that the screen displayed①.
  2. Confirm whether to load the BIOS optimized defaults, select Ok and press [Enter], or use the cursor to click [Ok] that the screen displayed②.
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What do I do if my computer is stuck in BIOS?

What to Do If PC Is Stuck on BIOS Screen?

  1. Restore Default Settings of BIOS. First, you need to access BIOS settings before your reset it. …
  2. Clear the CMOS (BIOS) …
  3. Use UEFI Boot and Check Your Boot Order. …
  4. Repairing Computer Using Windows 10 Bootable Media.

How do I fix my laptop when it freezes on startup?

How to Fix Stopping, Freezing, and Reboot Issues During Windows Startup

  1. Power your computer off and then back on. …
  2. Start Windows in Safe Mode, if you can, and then restart your computer properly. …
  3. Repair your Windows installation. …
  4. Start Windows using Last Known Good Configuration.

How do I fix a stuck laptop?

If Ctrl + Alt + Delete doesn’t work, then your computer is truly locked up, and the only way to get it moving again is a hard reset. Press and hold down on the power button until your computer turns off, then press the power button again to boot back up from scratch.

How do I get Asus boot options?

To do this go to the Boot tab and then click on Add New Boot Option. Under Add Boot Option you can specify the name of the UEFI boot entry. Select File System is automatically detected and registered by the BIOS.

How do I bypass UEFI BIOS utility?

Enter UEFI Setup to enable CSM or Legacy BIOS. Press “Del” when the ASUS logo appears on the screen to enter the BIOS. Press “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to restart the computer if the PC boots to Windows before loading the setup program. If this fails then I would reinstall to avoid future problems.

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How do you unlock BIOS on ASUS laptop?

Press and hold the F2 button , then click the power button. DO NOT RELEASE the F2 button until the BIOS screen display.

How do I manually reset BIOS?

Reset from Setup Screen

  1. Shut your computer down.
  2. Power your computer back up, and immediately press the key that enters the BIOS setup screen. …
  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the BIOS menu to find the option to reset the computer to its default, fall-back or factory settings. …
  4. Restart your computer.
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