You asked: What are the main Cisco IOS command modes?

There are five command modes: global configuration mode, interface configuration mode, subinterface configuration mode, router configuration mode, and line configuration mode. After an EXEC session is established, commands within Cisco IOS Software are hierarchically structured.

What are the four IOS modes of Cisco devices?

Four Modes to Access and Configure a Cisco Router

  • Cisco IOS Command Summary—Four Modes to Access and Configure a Cisco Router.
  • The four modes for accessing and configuring a Cisco router are: user EXEC mode, privileged EXEC mode, global configuration mode, interface configuration mode.
  • Exiting Modes.

What are the three modes of Cisco CLI?

Cisco has at least 3 main command line modes: user EXEC mode, privileged EXEC mode, and global configuration mode. Of course there are other more specific modes such as interface configuration mode, extended ACL configuration mode, routing/VLAN configuration mode, etc.

What are the two types of configuration mode in Cisco IOS?

There are two types of configuration files: the running (current operating) configuration and the startup (last saved) configuration. The running configuration is stored in RAM; the startup configuration is stored in NVRAM. To display the current running configuration, enter the show running-config command.

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What are the 4 modes of router?

Cisco Router modes

  • User execution mode – As soon as the interface up message appears and press enter, the router> prompt will pop up. …
  • Privileged mode – …
  • Global configuration mode – …
  • Interface configuration mode – …
  • ROMMON mode –

What is the most common method used to access the Cisco IOS?

Telnet access – this type of access used to be a common way to access network devices. Telnet is an terminal emulation program that enables you to access IOS through the network and configure the device remotely.

How do I enter config mode?

To enter global configuration mode, enter the configure command. Global configuration From privileged EXEC mode, enter the configure command. To exit to privileged EXEC mode, enter the exit or end command, or press Ctrl-Z. To enter interface configuration mode, enter the interface configuration command.

What is exec mode?

Use the EXEC mode for setting, viewing, and testing system operations. In general, the user EXEC commands allow you to connect to remote devices, change terminal line settings on a temporary basis, perform basic tests, and list system information. The EXEC mode is divided into two access levels: user and privileged.

What is another name for enable mode?

show cdp neighbors. What is another name for enable mode? Privileged EXEC mode.

What is router modes?

There are four operating modes in the router settings — the main mode and three additional modes: Router (A) — main mode; Adapter (B) — connect Ethernet devices to a Wi-Fi network; … Access point/Extender (D) — expansion of the Wi-Fi area with Ethernet connection.

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